All activities will include opportunities to support and enrich Catholic teachers vocation.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Eucharistic Adoration

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What do we do at Adoration? How to make a Holy Hour? 

Spiritual Reading

“The primary purpose of (spiritual) reading is not so much to educate ourselves as to produce goodness of life – to help us live in union with Christ. But education is a first good step to good living, and we can say that your initial purpose in our reading should be to educate ourselves in doctrine and in spirituality …” (Eugene Boylan, "Seeking Christ by Reading", This Tremendous Lover, 106)


Teacher Formation Series

Teacher formation series are provided to augment curriculum and informal discussion.

"The Supreme Good and the moral good meet in truth: the truth of God, the Creator and Redeemer, and the truth of man, created and redeemed by him. Only upon this truth is it possible to construct a renewed society and to solve the complex and weighty problems affecting it, above all the problem of overcoming the various forms of totalitarianism, so as to make way for the authentic freedom of the person." (Pope John Paul II, The Splendour of Truth, 99)

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HCTG Annual Mass

The Teachers Guild Annual Mass for Halton and Hamilton region is to ask for perseverance in faithfully serving as witness in our elementary, high schools and universities.