"Possessed by charity both toward each other and toward their pupils, and inspired by an apostolic spirit, they should bear testimony by their lives and teachings to the one Teacher, who is Christ."

Vatican II "Declaration of Christian Education," 8

Why a Catholic Teachers Guild?

"Catholic schools have a unique opportunity to show young people the way to that high ground; to accompany students in the search for truth; to foster in them a thirst for justice and an appreciation of the goodness of God, leading them patiently and lovingly in their journey of faith. Young people are hungry today for truth and justice because they are hungry for God. To respond to that hunger is the highest calling of the Christian educator." (Renewing the Promise, 4) 

The HCTG supports the vocation of Catholic lay people in the education field in responding to the "hunger for God" felt so acutely by us all.

The Catholic Teachers Guild is a lay organization that exists for the purpose of strengthening the faith life of its members. As such, it avoids political activism. The Catholic Teachers Guild recognizes the legitimate role that teacher federations play in protecting the labor rights of teachers as well as the role they play in supporting their members.